The proposed development will consist of a strategic housing development including 753 residential units to be constructed in a series of phases (six neighbourhoods in total), a local centre including retail (2 no. units), a crèche, doctors surgery and community use unit and all associated and ancillary infrastructure, services and site development works.

The proposed 753 no. residential units are comprised of the following:

67 no. detached houses including 31 no. 4 bedroom units and 36 no. 3 bedroom units

278 no semi-detached houses including 41 no. 4 bedroom units and 237 no. 3 bedroom units

186 no. terrace houses including 18 no. 4 bedroom units, 96 no. 3 bedroom units and 72 no. 2 bedroom units

69 no. duplexes including 36 no. 3 bedroom units and 33 no. 2 bedroom units

153 no. apartments including 6 no. studio apartments, 42 no. 1 bedroom apartments, 79 no. 2 bedroom apartments and 26 no. 3 bedroom apartments.Three apartment blocks will be provided (2 no. in Neighbourhood 6 and 1 no. in Neighbourhood 2)

The proposed development includes a number of open spaces and play areas in addition to general landscaping, boundary treatments (including walls and landscaping to the houses to the north) and lands to the east, and landscaped parkland / greenway. The proposal includesan internal distributor road providing access to neighbouring lands, associated internal roads, car parking, pedestrian and cycle paths (providing access to neighbouring lands), public lighting, internal bus stops and turning area, bin storage (in apartment locations) and cycle parking and all site services infrastructure. The associated site and infrastructural works include water supply, foul and surface / storm water drainage infrastructure to local services and drains and 5 no. unit sub stations. The proposed development makes provision for two no. pumping stations (and connections to / from same), one in neighbourhood 5 and one adjacent to the Ballyhooly Road, with access, to serve this site and future lands as required by Irish Water.

Two no. vehicular accesses are proposed from the Ballyhooly Road and one no. access to /from the local road to the north of the site (pedestrian access points will also be allowed to the local road to the north), all including local road widening within applicant lands,resurfacing and boundary works. Signalisation of the Lower Dublin Hill / Ballyhooly Road Junction is also proposed along with the provision of a new bus stop on the eastern side of the Ballyhooly Road close to the junction of Lower Dublin Hill and the Ballyhooly Road. The application also provides for the reservation of lands to accommodate the widening of theBallyhooly Road and the provision of new pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure along the eastern side of the Ballyhooly Road with crossing of same close to Mervue Lawn south of the proposed development.

Groundworks, excavation and ground reprofiling are required and proposed to provide a Distributor Road through the site and all development areas internally within the site. The proposed development also provides for the line diversion and partial undergrounding of theKilbarry-Flaxfort-Mayfield 38kv line that traverses the landholding east / west, the removal of existing pylons and the provision of two new pylons one in the Lahardane Townland and one in the Ballincolly Townland and landscaping works within the 110 kv power line wayleaves that also traverse the site.

The application contains a statement setting out how the proposal will be consistent with the objectives of the relevant Development Plan (Cork County Development Plan 2014) and Local Area Plan (Cobh Municipal District Local Area Plan 2017). An Environmental Impact Assessment Report and a Natura Impact Statement have been prepared in respect of the proposed development.